• Customs Regulations:
      Client must be in Brazil at time of Customs clearance. Clients arriving into Brazil must keep a copy of arrival airline ticket for presentation to Customs Authority. Household goods and personal effects must arrive within 180 days of client’s arrival into Brazil. Both new and used household goods and personal effects can be imported duty free. New items must be declared as new and stated as such on the inventory to also be included as duty-free.
      Consumable items are subject to 50% duties + 17% tax. This includes soap, lotions, makeup etc. All imports without exceptions or status including diplomats pay demurrage and port/airport storage in Brazil over CIF Value declared within a period of 2 weeks. Shipment will be cleared under a bond.


    • Inventory/Packing List items with quantities declared must be identical to what is stated on the OBL. Discrepancies between the OBL and the Packing list will cause Customs Authority to seize the shipment of belongings to be put up for sale.


    • The Fumigation Certificate must be sent to the Destination Agent with original Bill of Lading prior to arrival of shipment. Goods can be imported only after the visa is authorized by Brazilian authorities and the residence permit is stamped into the passport by the Brazilian Federal Police. Items imported must be exported when client leaves Brazil.


    • NOTES: It is recommended that the origin agent contact the destination agent in advance of the shipment to confirm updated consignment instructions and customs regulations. All documents must be with the Destination Agent at least 7 days prior to arrival of the shipment. All documents requiring a signature must be notarized. The Brazilian Consulate must legalize all foreign documents submitted with the visa petition. If there is an air shipment and ocean shipment it is necessary to provide 2 sets of the below documents.
      Only after approval by the Ministry of Labour in Brazil will the Ministry of Foreign Relations authorize processing the Visa.


  • Current Importation Time Table (approximate, according to Visa type)
    Registration of Client 5 working days
    Presenting shipment to the terminal 1 working day
    Registration of Process 1 working day
    Verification of all Documents 15 working days
    Bond Guaranty Issuance – if applicable 5 working days
    Distribution to Customs Official 3-15 working days – based on port/terminal congestion
    Physical Inspection 2-5 working days
    Clearance & release of documents to DA 2-3 working days


    • Passport- copies of all pages, notarized (3 sets)
    • Work/Temporary “V” Visa
    • Brazilian Tax Card (CPF) – 3 notarized copies, copies of the application can be used
    • Brazilian ID Card “Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros” (RNE) – notarized (3 sets)
    • Police Record – issued within 3 months of departure showing no criminal record
    • Birth Certificate – all family members, original or legalized copy; must be presented when registering with the Federal Police in Brazil
    • Air Ticket – 2 notarized copies, including boarding pass of arrival into Brazil
    • Comprehensive Valued Inventory – one for “Old” & one for “New” (less than 6 months) items. in Portuguese, with values in USD, signed by client, form obtained from Destination Agent, registered at Brazilian Register Office
    • Power of Attorney “Procuracao Publica” – original & 2 copies, issued by a Brazilian Notary in the presence of the client; authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment on client’s behalf; sample form provided by Destination Agent
    • Work Contract – original, from employer in Brazil, certified by the Ministry of Labour and a notarized copy
    • Brazilian Government Newspaper “Diario Oficial da Uniao” – notarized copy, where the Resident/Work Visa authorization was published
    • Statement of Responsibility – from employer, attesting they all assume payment of all duties & taxes of household goods & personal effects not re-exported after expiration of Work Contract
    • Proof of Residence – in Brazil such as utilities bill or rental contract
    • OBL – rated original, correct gross weight in kilos (pounds not allowed) measured in cubic meters (feet not allowed) CPF card number must be on the OBL for ALL Importers; No exceptions
    • Baggage Declaration
    • Guarantee Bond – for payment of taxes and any duties, issued by employer, signed by the client
  • Fumigation Certificate – sent with OBL stating any and all wood crates/boxes, Liftvans/Airvans arriving in containers or single shipments have met fumigation requirements per ISPM 15 rules

NOTE: The information presented herein is based on customs data available at the time of printing and is frequently subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the owner or importer of the household goods to comply with the current customs restrictions, regulations, and duties of the country to which the goods are imported. We strongly advise customers to contact the consulate or embassy of the destination country for the most current information on customs regulations, restrictions and duties for importing household goods, personal effects and vehicles.

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