In all cases it’s very important that the Consignee is present before the arrival of the shipment in order to assure that all the necessary documents are complete to start customs procedures without any delays. The following information applies only for USED AND NEW household goods and personal effects and vehicle for particular use.
      • Customs clearance procedure cannot begin without all the documentation required, any extraordinary charges such as demurrages of container at port or abandonment fines due to the lack or absence of documents, will be billed to the shipper directly.
      • The number of items or packages declared on any shipping document must be the same as declared on the packing list; otherwise there will be a USD 100.00 fine that will be billed directly to the agent at origin.
      • The content of each box must be written in the packing list. If this one is not specific we are required to make a prior examination, this applies for all the shipments. If Customs finds inconsistencies or items insides of boxes that are not specified in the packing list they will set a fine of USD 100.00 and the double of the taxes not perceived if applicable that will be billed directly to the origin agent or the client.
      • All shipments must get into a fiscal warehouse in order to be unloaded and inspected by Customs, except for diplomatic shipments. If Customs authorizes to deliver into the container, this one will not be unloaded at the fiscal warehouse and will not be inspected by Customs as long as reciprocity between countries exist, but the container will be escorted by a customs inspector to the residency.
      • The appliances and electronic devices must be listed and detailed with brand, model, serial number and country of origin.
      • Hand written packing lists are not accepted and have to be made either in Spanish or English.
      • Blue Horizon Shipping Inc does not finance taxes payment; port charges, container demurrages, fiscal storage or any other extraordinary charges. These charges have to be paid in advance to Blue Horizon Shipping Inc.
      All shipment of Household goods and personal effects pay taxes. Only the client that apply to any tourism incentive law, migratory law or the benefit of the travel regimen can obtain tax exoneration
      Documents Requires:

      • Passport copy.
      • Original Packing list (specify when items are new)
      • Original Bill of lading, AWB or Inland Letter.
      When the client is coming to work to any Legal Company at Nicaragua it’s advisable to consign the shipment on behalf of CLIENT’S NAME/ENTERPRISE NAME, that way we can release the shipment with the Enterprise documents and the client so the Enterprise can save 14.5 % in taxes, as long as the Enterprise agrees to give us the necessary documents.
      Documents Requires:
      If the Enterprise is not enrolled before CUSTOMS office:

      • Original Constitution deed.
      • Original Power of attorney.
      • Copy of the identification card of the legal regal representative.
      • Original Identification card of the Enterprise RUC.
      • Original Constancy of Responsible of IVA.
      • Original Constancy of its Economic activity that has to show that one of the activities of the Enterprise is the importation.
    • Note: If the Enterprise is already enrolled only provide copies of the above documents.



    • Documents Required:
      • Original tax exoneration document
      • Original Bill of Lading, AWB or Inland letter.
      • Packing list
      • Passport Copy
    • The diplomatic headquarter can paperwork the tax exoneration, it’s necessary that the member arrives to the country at least 20 days before the shipment arrival in order to make the accreditation before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and once with the accreditation in hand, request the exoneration.
      The diplomatic shipments are not subject either to the mechanism of random selection or the customs inspection, if reciprocity between each country exists, but they are subject to the inspection and fumigation of the Ministry of Agriculture in the port of entry.

IMPORTANT: In order to deliver the household goods into the container at residency: the Embassy, International Organism or diplomatic mission has to request domiciliary delivery before Customs, besides it has to be noted that this service leads to overtime payment to the Customs personnel and GMM personnel, as well as to possible charges of demurrages from the Steam Line for keeping the goods into the container and for a second delivery.


  • Documents Required:
    • Letter extended by the Nicaraguan consulate at the country of origin, certifying the years of residence in the foreign country.
    • Migratory certification from the Migration office in Nicaragua.
    • Affidavits made by an attorney in Nicaragua expressing the compromise of: Not sales, transfer or alienate the goods for a period of 3 years.
    • Original tax exoneration document.
    • Original Bill of Lading, AWB or Inland letter.
    • Packing list.
    • Passport Copy (main pages and seal with the date of the last entry in the country).
  • According to the legislation in force, the Nicaraguans that have been out of the country more that 24 months before their definitive return can import free of taxes their household goods and personal effects under the law 435 article 123 numeral 6. In order to apply to the law 535 the Nicaraguans must have been absent more than 5 years, counting from 2005 (year that entered in force the law), in this way the Nicaraguans will obtain exoneration of the HHGG, instruments for their professional perform, utensils, tools and equipment necessary for the development of their activities; with a value up to and not higher than U$ 200,000.00 dollars plus the importation or local purchase of second hand or new car with a value up to and not higher than U$ 25,000.00 dollars, in case of excess of that amount the Nicaraguans must pay taxes based on the difference.


  • Allows to Import Household Goods and personal effects up to an amount not higher than the CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) value: U$· 25,000.00 dollars plus a car up to an amount not higher than the CIF value: U$ 25,000.00 dollars exonerated of taxes.
    Who may apply to this benefit?
  • 1. Foreigners that receive monthly a retirement pension from a private or public institution abroad, equivalent to Six Hundred North American Dollars (USD 600.00) or foreigners that receive incomes generated by the distribution of profits, rent or others kinds of analogues legal businesses that generate monthly a minimum of Seven Hundred Fifty North American Dollars (USD$ 750.00).
    2. The Nicaraguan returning that proves that has lived abroad in a permanent and stable way for over 10 years and receives pension or incomes generated abroad in the same amount and condition mentioned above.
  • Documents Requires:
    • Resolution from the Institution of Tourisms approving the benefit.
    • Original tax exoneration document.
    • Original Bill of Lading, AWB or Inland letter.
    • Packing list.
    • Passport Copy.
  • In order to obtain the exoneration the beneficiary must have a legal Nicaraguan residency card and fill the entire requirement exposed in the Law 694. This type of shipment is subject to customs inspections.


  • The international or national passenger arriving to the country can introduce free of taxes used or new items different to their luggage with a limit value of five hundred dollars and the exemption will be applicable when the applicant fills the following conditions:
    • Has to apply each six month to the benefit.
    • Has been abroad at least 3 days without counting the day of departure and the day of return.
    • No commercial amounts are allowed.
  • Documents Required:
    • Original Passport.
    • Bill of lading, AWB, inland letter
    The Nicaraguan law forbids the importation of cars older than 10 years since their fabrication, except for:
    1. The returning Nicaraguan citizens that have been out of the country at least 1 year before their final return,
    2. Donated to Fire Brigades, the Nicaraguan Red Cross, Churches, religious denominations, confessions and foundations that have legal personality.
    3. Classics or Historical.
    4. Second hand vehicles imported by an intermediary or the final user that are being destined to the transport of selective cargo or collective passengers.
  • Note: The returning Nicaraguan citizens that use the benefit exemption of the law 535 can’t import vehicle older than 7 years.
  • Documents Required:
    • Original title (USA car only).
    • Car’s registration
    • Original tax exoneration document if applies.
    • Original Bill of Lading, AWB or Inland letter.
    • Passport Copy
    • Original Invoice or sales contract.
  • All the documents should be on the name of the owner or interested and our services finish at the moment the owner picks up the car from the bonded warehouse. In another hand whichever paperwork with the transit police for the vehicle circulation will be on behalf of the client, unless we are hired for this paperwork.
    All vehicles will be subject to pay taxes except those that can apply to tax exoneration.
  • PETS
    Documents Required:

    • Original certificate of vaccines.
    • Letter extended by the Veterinary at origin certifying that the animal is healthy.
    • Fee of importation of the Ministry of Agriculture.
    • Tax payment.
    • Foods
    • Medicines
    • Product of animal or vegetal origin
    • Gunpowder
    • Chemical products.
    • Pornography.
    • Drugs
    • Toluene (glue).
    • Food
    • Liquor
    • Gas tank.
    • Extinguisher.
    • Medicines.
    • Weapons, even the ones for collection (request importation permission to the Embassy or consulate of Nicaragua at the country of origin).
    • Telecommunication equipment, cell phones and telephone, signal receiver and signal transmitter.

NOTE: Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a brief summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to this destination and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and Customers.
Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, we cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.
Always double check with your local embassy or consulate.

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